S.uleyman E.ryuruk Art Studio

"It’s not about colors, splashes and drops. But all about feelings, tears and laughs."

- Suleyman Eryuruk


About Suleyman

Suleyman Eryuruk (born September 20, 1997), professionally, « S.E . », is a Belgo-Turkish artist, entrepreneur, and soon doctor. Born in Belgium, Suleyman grow up in a modern family originally from Turkey.His passion for art and fashion already got the attention of his mentors at school. Despite everything, he started the faculty of medicine in Belgium (Namur), before moving to Romania (Timisoara), where he could finish his medical degree and start his art career.



Next exhibitions dates and places





Centrul de Proiecte Timișoara, RO Ultima 21-23; April 2023 Register
Del Corso events, RO Non-Sequitur November 4th - 6th; 2022 Register
Centrul de Proiecte Timișoara, RO Alterego March 24th - 26th; 2022 Register
Galerie d’art La Visione, TR Space Odyssey Aug, 9 - Aug, 23 2021 Register
Vinto Gastro Wine Bar, RO Relevance June, 18 2021 Register